The Chinese Imperial Water Dragon

Metal sculptor Kevin Stone has been featured in local and international media several times over the last few years starting back in 2006 with his unveiling of “Power and Authority” his 31 ft stainless steel eagle in the attacking pose. Then again in 2007 with Worlds Largest stainless steel sculpture “Power of Flight” his second and more detailed eagle with an amazing 41 ft wingspan. Now Kevin has completed his most challenging project to date, a Chinese Imperial water Dragon.

For almost two years, Kevin worked seven days a week, and has now completed in what has become one of the greatest stainless steel sculptures to ever be unveiled anywhere in the world! Kevin Stone has produced an exquisite world class sculpture with unsurpassed detail and on a scale and size of incredible proportions, Weighing over 12000lbs and standing 12-feet high, 14-feet wide, 35-feet long (mounted position) with two large coils in the body. Stretched out this incredible sculpture would be over 85-feet long! I wanted to challenge my self and do something on a scale that no one had seen. The Dragon was a very challenging project to build and very difficult to complete. It currently remains unsold and my hope is that it will find a home where the public can enjoy this piece for many years to come..

Chinese Mythology has been an interest of mine for many years. I decided to combine that interest with my passion for fantasy art in my most impressive piece to date, The Chinese Imperial Water Dragon. I have designed a double coiling dragon, created in mirror- polish stainless steel with an over all length of 35ft and standing 12ft tall at the head and tail. Having a total body length including the coils of almost 85ft long. This piece is intended to capture the embodiment of the concept yang.

I incorporated the nine entities of the Chinese Dragon into my piece, representing many different types of animal of the earth. The head representative of the camel, the scales representing that of a carp, the horns of a giant deer, the eyes of a rabbit, the ears of a bull, the neck of a snake, the belly of a clam, the paws of a tiger and the claws of an eagle.

The dragon has one foot extended and elevated to hold a giant pearl signifying the world and represents celestial and terrestrial power, wisdom and strength. This piece can be beautifully displayed in a water setting ( where the dragon is believed to reside) signifying wealth and good luck.

In creating this piece, my intention was to represent and pay homage to the significance of the Dragon in both the Chinese culture and many other cultures who have varying interpretations of what this mythical creature depicts.

Creating my vision of the “Imperial Water Dragon” was an artistic challenge and accomplishment that is a personal highlight of my career as an artist. To be able to learn from other cultures and incorporate the beliefs, folklore and design style into my own artistic creation and share my creation within that culture is an honor as an artist and human being. Expanding our knowledge of our own culture and beliefs, as well as our fellow mankind, makes our vast world much smaller and opens doors to understanding and growing individually and collectively.